Come Out of The Dark — A Reminder Of What Makes You Human In A Not-So-Human World

Be the change you wish to see.

Dr. Jesse Pedersen



There is a dark shadow over us.

It feels as if the Mind Flayer from Stranger Things has possessed and drained us of our humanity.

With omnipresent technological influence, we’ve become inculcated with a twisted idea of how the world should be.

In America, we’ve been taught the pillars of success are wealth, fame, and power.

We’re taught that we should always feel good and mask the sadness with anti-depressants and excessive amounts of alcohol.

And we’re taught to hate one another because of our differences. If you’re a republican and your neighbor is a democrat, you should be enemies. If you’re straight and you’re co-worker’s gay, you shouldn’t be friends.

Americans no longer embody human qualities of compassion and empathy. We are divided and hesitate to share opinions for fear of outcry and further alienation.

It’s no wonder we all feel like shit. There’s no more human connection, only skepticism and growing animosity towards one another.

Through indoctrination, we have adopted a pathological view of the world and it’s wreaking havoc on our mental health and wellbeing.

We’ve lost a sense of what’s important.

But there is still hope for us if we can remember what makes us human.

You don’t want riches or an easy life.

You want something to strive for.

Although America promotes a life of opulence, more money doesn’t equal more happiness.

The Great Gatsby had all the money a person could dream of yet was still miserable in his mansion because he lacked a purpose.

Find a life-long purpose — something that will provide you consistent enjoyment day in and day out, something that sustains you.

Maybe it’s playing guitar or learning new languages. Maybe it’s studying ancient history or reading up on the newest scientific discoveries that pique your interest.



Dr. Jesse Pedersen

Yogi. Poet. Traveling Physical Therapist…Spotify @Jesse Pedersen; Instagram: @Jesse__Pedersen