4 Core Truths To Abide By To Fully Experience Your Life

Dr. Jesse Pedersen
2 min readAug 1, 2022
Paul Pascale

1. Stop rushing

Take your time so that you can truly live life.

So much of the day we spend going and so we are never really there.

Breathe deeply, drink heartedly and eat slowly. You have time

Be deeply in the moment.

2. Stop thinking

No amount of words can describe whats going on right now.

So you really don’t have to think about it that much.

Rather than think, be here now — fully present.

So many people confuse obsessive thinking with living, as if all of their thinking accomplishes something.

When you silence the mind can you be at the heart of your being.

You don’t need anything else to feel at peace. Peace is in you right now, you just need to tap into its root.

Life is not meant to be a bundle of problems that need to be solved. It’s meant to be a rich experience.

Give up control and you will gain control over your life. You will stop fearing everything and rather learn to embrace it all.

3. Stop living in fear

Fear breeds overthinking.

The fear of the unknown.

The fear of truth.

The fear of rejection.

The fear of not being enough.

The fear of death.

These are all fears that sap you of life’s essence.

But you need to have faith — Faith in yourself.

Only you can truly take care of yourself and mend your health, mind, body and spirit.

4. Stop living for others

Only you can do what’s best for you.

You don’t need someone or something to make you complete.

Wherever you are in life right now, that’s enough.

You just need to believe you are enough.

Break through the barrier of self doubt that’s holding you back.

All the walks through the park, all the strolls through the city

The buildings, buses, birds and people.

It’s all there for you. But you aren’t here for ever.

Best to live, love, laugh and enjoy it all while you can.

— Written on my 26th birthday with love from a hostel cot in London.

Dr. Jesse Pedersen

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